My Story

Marjan Tavakkolian resides in Laguna Beach, CA. Throughout her extensive experiences in life, nothing has touched her heart and soul as much as picking up a paintbrush, a piece of clay or jewelry and allowing her soul to create freely which allows her to stay present in the beauty of the moment.

Marjan also uses her creative work to bring funds to different charities around the world as she has has done extensive global volunteer work and has co-founded her own foundation called “International Mother Earth Foundation” where she and her team have done work in Peru, Uganda, Wales with many more projects to come in the future.

Marjan loves life and celebrates the art of bringing joy and beauty to everyone she meets. She strives to be original, to be the truth and to be happy and wishes the same for everyone in the world.

She hopes that you can feel her message of love, truth and peace through her creations inspired by her various journeys around the world.